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Sporty Code of Order 2016 Minimize

All teams fill in the list with the names of the players and their number, plus the officials. This must happen before the start of the tournament. Any possible change of the player’s numbers must be communicated to the referee at the beginning of a match.


Boys                                  Girls
                                        Year of birth ’98 -’99
Year of birth ’00 -’01             Year of birth ’00 -’01
Year of birth ’02 -’03             Year of birth '02 -'03
Year of birth ’04 -’05             Year of birth ’04 -‘05

The teams have to report themselves 10 minutes in advance of their match at the ground of their game as been mentioned in the match scheme.
A team, not present at starting time of the match, will be considered as absent and will be equalised as a lost game (result 10–0).
In case of equal colours of the shirts, the visiting team has to change shirts.
Football shoes with metal studs are not allowed during games on the lawn.
The use of resin is allowed in and outdoors. However, the organization advises not to use resin outdoors (lawns) Indoor shoes are required indoors.
The scoreboard, if present, will be kept up by the visiting team (informative). The final score, kept up by the referees, will be considered as the only official one.
After every game, the final score must be signed by both team officials on the score card. Hereby, they agree mutually with the final score. The referees take care of the score card and get it immediately at the secretariat.
The matches are lead by official referees and youth referees. The organisation takes care of table officials during the final games in the big hall..
Each team presents 2 balls. The 3 resting balls are at the disposal near the goals in case a ball leaves the field.
The game rules are those of the International Handball Federation IHF (1/07/2010).
The decisions of the referees are not arguable.
In case of discussions or a serious problem, the jury will make the final decision which can not be overruled. The jury is composed of 2 members of the organizing committee, advised by a member of the Committee of Referees from the VHV (Flemish Handball Federation)

Matches with a central clock. Every match starts at the same time.
No team time-outs.
In case of a penalty: time keeps running.

Playing time:  1 x 20’


“Small” Finals or rankings from 3rd place on
Central clock, no team time-outs (same arrangements as qualifications).
Games will be played outdoors.

Big Finals (Sports Hall):
2 x 15’ with 5’ rest
The big finals are all played indoors. Team time out is permitted.
Warming-up is held in the basket hall (if available). Team responsible has to be present at the secretary 45 min. before his final in order to fill in the game booklet. The teams have to be present 15’ before their final for control by the referees. The organising committee will provide 2 crew members to take care of the fluent organisation of the finals. Please follow their instructions.

For every age group there is a separate ranking

win:         2 points
draw:       1 point
loss:        0 points   
Absence or being to late on the court is equalized with 10 – 0.
In case a team declares absent before the tournament, the game schedule will not be adapted. Games not played will then be 10 -0 in the ranking.

Goal bonus:
A bonus of 3 goals will be given to all Girls teams when playing against a Boys team. In case 2 Girls teams have a game, 3 bonus goals will be given to both teams.


After each qualification round, an end ranking is made. Further details or exceptions, please check “Remarks concerning the different age groups and order of games”

In case of equal points, we use following criteria for the end ranking (in this sequence)
-    In case of draw: quotient of the goals in the qualifying round (goals won : goals lost
-    In case of still a draw: most goals made in the qualifying round.
-    Result of the match between the two teams

Draws during the final games:
-    finals from places 3 & 4:     quotient of the goals in the qualifying round (goals won : goals lost
-    Big finals (1 & 2):        extra time: 1 x 5’(no break)
In case of equality: 5 penalties to be taken until final decision.

•    A temporary exclusion lasts 2 minutes. Time punishment are kept in eye by the referees. During the big finals, an official table is provided by the organisation.
•    Direct disqualifications (red card) leads to the exclusion for the next game.
•    Disqualification after 3x2’ does not lead to exclusion for the next game, except if the player becomes excluded two matches in a row with 3x2’.
•    If a team is not present on the playground at the beginning of the match, the match is lost (10-0).
•    Refusing to play a game leads automatically to the last place.

Immediately after the last game, there is a ceremony, on which all teams have to be present. There is a separate briefing for this ceremony (see program). Every team gets a souvenir and a trophy. The organisation also hands out following trophy:

The Fair Play Trophy
This unique trophy, made by Antoine Boute, artist and inhabitant of Eeklo) is given by the organisation on ground of the sporty behaviour of the teams, both on and beside the playground. This trophy can, exceptionally, go to one specific person. The jury is composed of all the members of the Organizing Committee and will also be advised by the referees who will make, after each game, a judgment of sporting behaviour (points 0 to 10) of the teams and their coaches. The jury reserves its rights to keep the trophy in Eeklo, in case nobody meets the criteria.

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